Saturday, 4 April 2009

In the Bardos of East Anglia and Shropshire

Vajralila's mum is getting better gradually. Sudakini has been and gone from the womens order weekend at Padmaloka and is now happy to be at Viryajyoti's in Norwich for a few days. Vajralila is finding ways to make herself useful at Taraloka and enjoying getting to know the community there.
Friends and family are being ongoingly generous to us in so many ways... Rather than being homeless it feels more like there is a home for us in so many places. Undeniably there are wobbly moments when a stable base is missed; but the moments pass and overall the taste of freedom and the opportunities this way of life offers are much appreciated. To be able to share in the life of someone else by staying in their house, even if only for a couple of days, is a real privilege.
The next time we see each other will be when we have our 6 month visa interview at the US embassy on april 15th. Our plans for america are progressing - we have decided to travel by train whilst there to see the landscape. Starting in San Francisco, then to Colorado... Next to New York, via Texas (maybe)! Vajralila's personal myth of the cowgirl archetype is calling. Apparently Texas is the size of UK plus several european countries all rolled in to one, so we need to do a bit of research about where exactly we might find some cowgirls... Sounds like Fort Worth might be the place?? Once in New York we hope to spend a bit of time with Sangha on the east coast then all the way back to the Northwest to Seattle and Montana.
So, in England till mid to end of May...

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